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My heart is breaking

August 22, 2016

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My heart is breaking; this is how Avery is doing now. Not very well. It started wednesday night with a lot of panting and pacing. We sensed she was in pain and started giving her pain meds; with no change went to the vet today. Blood work looks normal, all the x-rays/ imaging looks fine. I think she has been pacing so much that she has fatigued her hind leg to the point it has weakened greatly. We now have 4 diff pain meds and waiting to see if it’ll help. If not off to the emergency room at NC State vet school.

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9 Responses to “My heart is breaking”

  1. travisray said:

    Oh No! I am so sorry to hear (and see) that Avery is not doing well. Well, your theory is certainly plausible. With all the pacing she just wore that leg out. How frustrating not to have any answers! I hope the new pain meds help her rest. Keep us posted!

    Sending Avery lots of tripawd strength from the Oaktown Pack

  2. midnighter94 said:

    Ok – So, my mind goes to why is she pacing? Is she constipated? Or have a belly ache from something she ate? How have her bowel movements been lately? Could there be some other reason for her to be in pain? Have you tried alternating ice packs & heat packs? Massage? Is she eating? Has anything else changed lately?
    Sending hugs & positive thoughts your way!
    Donna & Murphy

  3. hester said:

    Oh, dear, I am so sorry. That is heart breaking to watch. Sending healing thoughts to your pretty Avery.

    When was her amp? Was it recent?

    Love from me, Lisa and Pofi dog

  4. hester said:

    I’m sorry – I realize she has been a Tripawd for a year now. But that does look so painful – hoping the meds and some rest does the trick. Thinking very best thoughts.

  5. andreaj said:

    Oh Avery! My love goes out to you. Please let us know what you find out. I hope it is something that rest and care will help! This is what we are concerned about Lorax too. He is a rear leg amputee and so active it’s hard to slow him down.We are all pulling for you Avery! <3

  6. benny55 said:

    As hard as it is…and we all know it’s hard…try not to jump to the worse case scenario! We all do it, The good news is, almost always it’s nothing bad!
    I also agree with your theory about the leg weakness being caused by all that pacing.

    Any tenderness anywhere….tummy….up and down her spine…neck…hips….outh…jaw??

    I’m sure they’ve tested for things like Lyme disease (can cause leg weakness and painful joints,etc), disc issues, pulled muscles, etc.
    Is this your regular vet? Do you have any specialists near you? Any Holistic help….acupuncturist, etc?

    Hopefully the pain meds will settle her down enough to give her time to rest her legs over the next many days. Do you have a harness or a towel sling to help her or will that flip her out more?

    Sending @ots a lots of love and the healing power of your Tripawd family.

    This will get figured out. Hang in there and continue to love and spoil and spoil some more! A scoop.of ice cream and a cheeseburger may make Avery feel better!

    Love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  7. izzysmomma said:

    My tripawd Izzy is having problems with weakness in her leg, too. Paws crossed that Avery starts feeling better!

  8. rebekahlynn1978 said:

    Sorry she is so much pain, our doctor told us after time the dog other leg will start to turn in and sometimes walk alot different, hope they find out what is wrong!!! Sending our best, Rebekah, Shadow,Sasha, Loki and Thor

  9. jerry said:

    Try not to think the worst, this really sounds like it could be a PT / pain management issue. The fact that labs and x-rays are all good is a VERY good sign. If the vets don’t know, consider a rehab vet consult OK? A certified rehab vet (NC State can refer you) can give a whole new perspective and hopefully pinpoint the issue. Tripawds Foundation will even pay for the first consult. Keep us posted oK?

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